5 Simple Steps To Developing a GAIN/Accessible Golf Program

GAIN™ is not just a golf program. It is a program primarily focused on assisting individuals with disabilities to become involved in the fabric of their community. The program uses golf as a primary vehicle to achieve that. It is also a program that includes participants without disabilities and uses socialization activities among all participants to achieve the goal of inclusion.

The following is a step by step process that is recommended for organizations wishing to pursue the establishment of a GAIN™ program. National Alliance for Accessible Golf staff is available to answer questions and to assist and guide you through the process.

STEP ONE: Insure that you and your staff are committed to implementing and sustaining an inclusive golf program, even if you wish to start very small. As you will learn, there are many options for GAIN programs.

STEP TWO: Call the Alliance to receive the "GAIN Starter Kit" CD. This CD provides all the basic information that an organization needs to plan and initiate a GAIN program. The CD includes:

  1. a frequently asked question (FAQ) sheet
  2. a grant application form
  3. description of types of GAIN programs an organization may wish to consider
  4. Program philosophy
  5. Sample implementation plans
  6. Instructional program components
  7. examples of inclusion activities
  8. example of a monthly program plan

STEP THREE: Contact the National Alliance for Accessible golf to discuss the program, grant procedures, and how to proceed with the application process.

STEP FOUR: Submit your grant application (if applicable). Check with Alliance staff on dates of periodic grant submittal dates.

STEP FIVE: If your grant application is successful or you otherwise choose to initiate a GAIN program, schedule the onsite GAIN training program (1-2 days) to kick off the program.

You're Off and RUNNING!!