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Hosted on GAIN - the Golf Access and Inclusion Network™ 


The National Alliance Education Hub resides on GAIN.  Please review the below material and then continue to the green button and entry into GAIN where you will be asked to "register" or "log-In" if you are already in the GAIN community.  Lessons are sorted in three categories:

  • Onboarding Training for Golf Course Leadership and Staff 

  • Micro Learning Lessons

  • A La Carte Lessons

  • Self-Assessment: Alliance Recognized Accessible Golf Facility

There is a knowledge quiz and a short form you must complete and submit for each lesson to obtain your Certificate of Completion.

Your commitment to learning more about how you can contribute to increasing the participation of people with disabilities in the game of golf is greatly appreciated.

Below is the status of education credits earned for completing the Onboarding Training Series.


Education Credits


PGA 2.0 PDRs for completing the Onboarding Training series (5 lessons). Members are required to scan and submit all six course completion certificates in one file to to obtain PDRs.
LPGA 2.0 Non-LPGA CUs for completing the Onboarding Training series (5 lessons). Members are required to scan and submit all six course completion certificates in one file via the LPGA Member Portal to request credits.
GCSAA  0.30 education points for completing the Onboarding Training Series (5 lessons). GCSAA Approval Code provided upon completion of the Onboarding Training Series for GCSAA Members. Record your completion using the online Education Point Affidavit in the Submit Points area of 
CMAA TBD as of March 15, 2024 TBD as of March 15, 2024
Click HERE to view the Micro Learning Intro to the NEW Alliance Education Hub.

Onboarding Training 

Onboarding Training is designed to contribute to the professional development of all employees at a golf facility by providing the knowledge and best practices to contribute to an accessible and inclusive organizational culture that welcomes individuals with disabilities to the game of golf.

This series of five lessons is designed to be completed in order, I through V. 
You'll go here if asked to complete this training as part of your employment.

Micro Learning Lessons

Micro Learning Lessons are short individual topics, often subsets of the broader lessons or frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to various issues. 

We'll be populating this area with more and more topics after the launch of the Alliance Education Hub.

You'll go here for quick answers to common topics and FAQs.

A La Carte Lessons

A La Carte lessons include what we are currently providing including Onboarding Category lessons. We'll be adding other material related to access and inclusion in the future.

We encourage you to begin with the Onboarding Training series, but if you want to pick and choose, go here.  

You'll go here if you just want to investigate and learn at your own pace.

Self- Assessment - Recognized Accessible Golf Facility Certificate

The National Alliance is pleased to offer the opportunity for your golf facility to truly assess the environment you are providing for golfers with disabilities. The self-assessment includes mandatory and recommended actions to achieve the certificate reflecting your commitment to create a welcoming, accessible and inclusive environment.

This tutorial will guide you through the self-assessment process to receive the National Alliance Recognized Accessible Golf Facility Certificate.

Click HERE to learn more about the process and to how to get started.
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