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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The National Alliance for Accessible Golf and Golf Inclusion Monthly use Constant Contact's Privacy Policies regarding the use of your personal information as outlined below in the Constant Contact policies.

Constant Contact (and the National Alliance) care about privacy. We aim to help you ensure that your contacts’ personal information is not used in a manner that they might find undesirable. Consequently, Constant Contact (and the National Alliance) strictly forbids the buying, selling, and/or renting of contacts' information.

In addition, only you can use the contact information and email addresses that you load into your Constant Contact account. Constant Contact nor the National Alliance use these email addresses other than to provide our service to our customers for their accounts.

For more information about how the Constant Contact (and the National Alliance) protect your privacy, please visit about Constant Contact

For additional information, please contact us at info@accessgolf.org