about the national alliance


Thank you for visiting the National Alliance for Accessible Golf website and inquiring about our grant program.

Founded in 2001 as an industry education and resource center focused on increasing participation, access and inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the game of golf and, with generous support from the United States Golf Association and other leading industry associations and therepeutic organizations, the Alliance has been distributing grants to support grassroots programs since 2010.

Please click the below "Funded Programs" link to view programs the Alliance has funded.

Funded Programs

The Alliance offers an annual grant application window between June 1 - 30 each year.  Applications are reviewed in July with grants being distributed in early August.

The Alliance seeks to support programs with a plan to move towards self-sustainability through local and regional funding support contributing to accessible and inclusive opportunities for individuals with disabilities to participate in the game of golf.  Programs with inclusive elements that get individuals engaged with the surrounding community are a primary focus.

Grants are processed and reviewed by our Executive Director and Grant Consultant. If any clarifications to your application are required, you will be contacted.  Applications are then provided to the National Alliance Grant Review Committee who will make a decision regarding your grant.  

The Grant Review Committee is composed of numerous Alliance Board members representing industry leaders from around the country across a range of golf industry disciplines and organizations.  The review process is highly objective. Any Review Committee member with links to a specific program will not participate in the review, approval, or disapproval process for that particular grant application.

Thank you again for what your organization is doing in sharing and contributing to our mission. 

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