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Golfer in Focus - Max Togisala

Golfer in Focus - Max Togisala

By Katie Lambrecht


In 2022, Max Togisala was on track to play collegiate golf when a ski accident in Idaho derailed his plans. After his spinal cord was severed at the T-12 level, Max was left paralyzed from the waist down and was uncertain how or even if he would be able to return to the course. While the accident threatened to overshadow his athletic dreams, Max’s determination and passion for the sport propelled him toward a remarkable journey of resilience.

With Max’s unwavering optimism and by finding the right adaptive equipment, he was able to play golf again, competing a mere nine months after the incident. Max is now an avid golfer, using the VertaCat mobility rider to enable him to get back on the course and compete. Most recently, he placed 17th overall in the 2023 U.S. Adaptive Open at Pinehurst and plans to compete in the tournament again this year. And his passion for sports extends beyond the golf course, as Max also enjoys lacrosse, pickleball, skiing and ping pong.

Now in college, Max has started to share his story on social media and by becoming a spokesperson for VertaCat. He uses this platform to provide a source of inspiration for others and to advocate for adaptive technology that can facilitate increased accessibility in sports. On social media, Max shares how an active and adventurous life remains within reach even after a spinal cord injury and documents his favorite moments out on the course.

To keep up with his day-to-day life as a paraplegic athlete and college student, as well as his latest golf achievements, be sure to follow Max Togisala on Instagram.